Current Membership

The President (Chair); the Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Vice President for Finance and Administration; the Vice President for Advancement; the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; the Dean of Student Affairs; the Dean of Special Programs; the Director of Institutional Research; the Chief Technology Officer; the Chair of the Campus Sustainability Committee; the Chair of the Committee on Intercultural and Global Understanding; one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Subcommittee on Responsible Citizenship (one to be designated to sit on IPPC each year); three faculty members elected for three-year terms, one of whom serves as Vice-Chair; the chair of CEPP; one representative from the administrative/professional staff; one representative from the support staff; the President of SGA; and the SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs.
Chair Philip A. Glotzbach, President
Vice Chair Natalie Taylor, Government, Faculty Representative
Members by Position Mary Lou Bates, Dean of Admissions & Student Aid
  Eric Beriguete '15 '14, SGA Representative for Financial Affairs
  Joerg Bibow, Economics, Chair of FEC
  Beau Breslin, Dean of Fac./ VP for Academic Affairs
  Paul Calhoun, Interim Dean of Special Programs
  Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs

Michael Casey, Vice President for Advancement

Bill Duffy, Chief Technology Officer
  Samuel Harris '15, SGA President

David Karp, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Chair of SRC
  Jackie Murray, Classics, Co-chair of CIGU
  Joseph Stankovich, Director of Institutional Research
  Peter von Allmen, Economics, Chair of CEPP
  Michael West, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Joshua Woodfork, Executive Director, Office of the President & Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives
2014 Christine Kopec, Management & Business, Faculty Representative (Fall 2013)
  Erica Bastress-Dukehart, History, Faculty Representative (Spring 2014)
2015 Wendy Kercull, Special Programs, Support Staff Representative
2016 Timothy Harper, Management & Business, Faculty Representative

Kathy Kinnin, Institutional Technology, Admin/Prof Representative

Jeanne Sisson, Administrative Support for IPPC


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