The Campus Environment Committee (CEC) is a subcommittee of the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee (IPPC).

The function of the CEC is to review and recommend environmental policies and procedures in such areas as land management, construction, waste management, purchasing, recycling, energy use, and water and air quality.

Membership includes three members of the faculty, at least one of them from the natural sciences; two members of the administrative/professional and support staffs representing the departments of Purchasing Services and Facilities Services; an administrator from Financial Planning and Budgeting; and two student members, appointed by SGA and typically representing environmental organizations.  The Chair (who sits on IPPC) and other members will be appointed by the President.

Kimberley Marsella, Environmental Studies Program Coordinator and Lecturer, and Erica Fuller, Campus Sustainability Coordinator are co-chairs for the 2008-2009 academic year.  Kimberley will chair in the fall and Erica in the spring.  To contact CEC, please email Erica Fuller at