Date: Monday, November 10th, Tang Museum,
Location: Somers Room
Time: 5:30pm
Guest Speaker: Prof. Angela Commito (SUNY-Albany),
Title: “Digging Up Divine Waters: The Hypostyle Fountain Excavations at Labraunda.”

You may not have heard of Labraunda, but you probably know the name of its most famous patron, Mausolus, whose tomb – the Mausoleum – was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  During the 4th century BCE, Mausolus and his family transformed Labraunda from a rustic shrine in the mountains of western Anatolia (modern Turkey) into an elaborate sanctuary, where pilgrims feasted, athletes competed in games, and priests made sacrifices to Zeus of the Double-Axe, a local version of the Anatolian storm god.  New excavations of a monumental fountain at the sanctuary are revealing details about the peculiar vernacular architecture of the site and the experience of worshipping at this unique place in antiquity.  This talk presents the preliminary results of these excavations and explores how water nurtured the sanctuary’s growth into a major focus of regional religious activity and political power. Prof. Commito (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is the Assistant Director of Brown University’s Labraunda Project.

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