AFTER SKIDMORE / Post Skidmore Programs

Students graduating with a major or minor in Classics who are considering applying to a graduate program have a number of options available to them. One avenue is to apply directly to graduate programs, either for a Masters or a Ph.D. in Classics, Archaeology or Ancient History. The Department office contains current directories of such programs. You can also access a comprehensive list maintained by Williams College.

The other avenue is to enroll in a "postbaccalaureate program." Postbaccalaureates are intended to prepare bachelors of arts for graduate study; they focus on sharpening your skills in ancient Greek and Latin and preparing you for a Masters or Ph.D. program of study. Some postbaccalaureate programs have excellent records of placing their students in graduate school. We recommend the following postbaccalaureate programs:

The Classical Journal - the periodical of the Classical Association of the Mid-West and South - maintains a list of all PhD, MA and post-baccalaureate programs for students interested in pursuing classics in a graduate school.

For further information, contact Prof. Michael Arnush, chair of the Department.


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