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AFTER SKIDMORE / Teaching Classics


Interested in teaching Latin or Greek? High schools, both private and public, are desperate for qualified instructors in both ancient languages (Latin especially) and in ancient culture. A student interested in teaching Classics after college should work towards an M.A.T. (Master of Arts in Teaching). M.A.T. programs typically take either one or two years beyond the B.A., and expect applicants to have studied Latin for at least one year (sometimes two) at the advanced level (CL301, 302) and to have taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Graduate programs, including M.A.T.'s, cost money. There are, however, many opportunities to get financial support in loans and grants from state Departments of Education. When you know where you might want to study, contact the appropriate Department of Education. Some programs, like UMass-Amherst (link below), offer hefty stipends ($10,000 annually) and teaching assistantships on a competitive basis.

The Classics and Education departments' faculty can help you identify an M.A.T. program in the state where you want to gain certification to teach. Note that many programs, such as the one at UMass below, can certify you to teach grades 9-12 in virtually all states. Some programs to consider in NY and MA:

The 4 + 1 M.A.T. Program in Latin with Union College: A Skidmore-affiliated program that gives the accepted student a B.A. in Classics from Skidmore College and an M.A.T. in Latin from Union College (Schenectady, NY). Classics majors will need a 3.0 GPA in the major and college cum, a demonstrated interest and suitability for teaching, and completion of the following Skidmore courses:

  • ED103 Introduction to Teaching
  • ED323 Adolescent Development
  • PS204 Educational Psychology

University of Massachusetts at Amherst M.A.T. Program in Latin and Classical Humanities

Hunter College (NYC) M.A.T. Program in Latin (most classes taught in the evening)