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We are as proud of our alumni alumnaeque as we are of our current students and look forward to showcasing your accomplishments in future Newsletters. Here’s one we just couldn’t resist sharing with you; we think you’ll enjoy it.

Classical Association of the Empire State Newsletter: Vol. XLII, Issue 2, Nov. 2008
Skidmore Classics alumnus Alex Carballo honored

“The June U. Stillwell Founders Award for the Outstanding Latin Program in New York State gives us a chance to celebrate a special Latin program and to recognize a teacher who is in the trenches every day, seeking success for every student using effective differentiated instruction and alternative assessments. This year’s recipient of the Outstanding Latin Program Award is the Ardsley Union Free School District, and its Latin teacher is Alexander Carballo.

Six years ago the Ardsley School District program consisted of only a Latin I and II class in the high school. Since 2004 every 5th and 6th grader in the middle school takes Latin as a component of the exploratory language program. The district has placed the study of Latin before the study of modern Romance languages. Also at the 5th and 6th grade level, the inclusion of ancient Greek as an additional Comprehensive Academic Period has helped further the study and knowledge of Classical culture in the program.

The district attributes much of the increase in enrollment and interest to the changes implemented by Alex Carballo. The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction writes, “He is a gifted teacher and is proficient in differentiating both the content and his instructions to best meet the needs of his learners.” His department chairperson states, “The dedication and efforts of Mr. Carballo cannot be overlooked. While he is new to our district this year (2007-08), he has demonstrated an incredible ability to motivate students in learning about Latin history and culture beyond the classroom. He is devoted to enlarging the program and making it more meaningful for Ardsley students and the community.” I’m sure Ardsley students certainly look forward to his first annual Ardsley Olympics and the spring Ardsley Chariot Race this year. We may want to check online to see how the attempt to create their own online textbook in Latin is coming along.

We salute Alexander Carballo for his impact on the Ardsley program and the Ardsley Union Free School District for their firm belief in and support of Latin.”

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