Classics Faculty


Michael Arnush, Associate Professor
B.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
Specializations: Ancient Mediterranean history.
Research: Greek political and social history; Athenian democracy; technopedagogy.
LADD HALL 209 PHONE: (518) 580-5462


Dan Curley, Associate Professor and Department Chair

B.A., Beloit College; , Washington University; A.M., Washington University; Ph.D., University of Washington
Specializations: Greek and Latin Literature
Research:  Latin Poetry, especially Ovid; Greek tragedy and its influence on Ovid.

LADD HALL  210       PHONE: (518) 580-5463



Leslie Mechem, Lecturer

B.A., Douglass College (Rutgers University); graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Specializations:  Greek and Roman art and archaeology, gender studies.

Research:  Roman imperial pottery and trade; mythology and art

LADD HALL 211      PHONE: (518) 580-5464


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Silvia Carli (Philosophy) 


Kate Greenspan  (English) 

Penny Jolly   (Art History)

  Marc-Andre Wiesmann  (French)





















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