Academic Festival 

Classics students participate annually in the Academic Festival, an annual celebration of academic achievement where students present their senior theses, research projects, and course collaborations.

Academic Festival 2005:
Susan Parrillo '05, "On Plato's Forms:  A Philosophical Theory or Theme in Dialectic?"
Academic Festival 2006:
Alexandra Cummings '07, Kaitlin Mahoney '09, Kelly Genois '08, Ally Cohan '09, Ethan Weiss '09, "Artistic Interpretations of Classical Myths"

Academic Festival 2007:
Dan Moran '07, "Hadrian's Panhellenion:  Roman Presence in 2nd Century Greece"
Katherine Jane Bailey '09, "Homo Aestheticus"
Peter Achenbaum '10, Margaret Acosta '09, Nicholas Borek '08, Morgan Eisler '09, Benjamin Garton '07, Brian Indig '08, James Kiesel '09, Jacob Navarrete '08, John Norton '10, Eliza Rosler '08, "The Sexual Congress"

Academic Festival 2008:
William Cabell '08, "Broken Communion: Intra-Church Coflict in Ancient and Modern Times"

Academic Festival 2009:
Ancient History Panel:  Amanda Paret '10, "A Meeting of Great Men:  Achilles and Priam in 'Troy,'"
Jim Ryan '09, "Catullus and the Benefits of Evolving Scholarship," Ross Jaffe '11, "The Evils of Fortune"
Art Treasures of the Metropolitan Museum:  Elizabeth Kiggins ’12, Rena Linden ’12, Katelyn Painter ’12, Bryn Schockmel ’12, "Den of Antiquities"

Academic Festival 2011:
Views on Petronius's Satyricon: Laura Hamilton '11, Amanda McGuire '11, Tom Coon '12, Evan Hauger '13, Sarah Nelson '14
Erica Schnabel '11, "Greeks Bearing Gifts"

Claire Saxe '11, "Ceyx and Alcyone"

Academic Festival 2012:
Topics in the Age of Augustus: Alissa Belcastro '12, Stormie Romero '12, Emily Levenson '12, Shannon Dubois '13, Emily Kowal '13, Victoria Burmeister '14
Bryn Schockmel '12, "The Sanctuary of the Great Gods at Samothrace"
Icarus: An Orginal Greek Tragedy in English: Students of CC222 Greek Tragedy

Academic Festival 2013:
An Emotional Odyssey: A Journey to the Far Corners of the Mythic World: Students of EN280 Writing From Myth

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