Our students develop into emerging scholars, learning how to conduct critical inquiry, to base arguments and analysis on evidence, and to subject their work to review by their peers. In 2006, our department joined the Classics departments at Colgate University (Hamilton, NY), Hamilton College (Clinton, NY) and Union College (Schenectady, NY) in creating Parilia. Named for and held on or near the annual Roman spring festival, Parilia provides a venue for students from all four institutions to share the results of their research. Our department has selected the following students to present their work at Parilia:

April 21, 2006, Union College
Jess Lubniewski '06, “An Unknown Face: Unearthing the Truth about an Egyptian Artifact”
Andy Cabell '08, “Theatricality and Amphitheatricality in Ovid's Metamorphoses”
Naomi Gutierrez '06, “From Mediterranean to Mississippi: Heroism and Culture in The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

April 20, 2007, Hamilton College
Margaret Drake '07, “Legitimacy Constructed in Marble: The Augustan Building Program”
Dan Moran '07, “The Panhellenion: Roman Presence in Hadrianic Greece”
Molly Appel  '07, “The Constructive Power of Tertullian’s Rhetoric in the Prescription Against Heretics”

April 18, 2008, Skidmore College
Andy Cabell '08, “Veiled Polemic: Viewing Rhetorical Strategies in the Windsor Report through Tertullian and Irenaeus”
Kelly Bischoff '10, “The Nostos of Achilles”
Katie Butler '08, “Archimedes and the Stomachion”

April 17, 2009, Colgate University
Amanda Paret '10, "A Meeting of Great Men:  Achilles and Priam in Troy'"
Jim Ryan '09, "Catullus and the Benefits of Evolving Scholarship"
Ross Jaffe '11, "The Evils of Fortune"

April 2010, Union College
Sam Elam '10, "Tactile Translation: Re-Writing Myth in Sculpture"
Julia Dauer '10, "Family Values and teh Roman State: Reading the Ara Pacis in Context"
Kristin Travagline '12, "Two Lyric Poets: Horace Caught in a New England Frost"

April 2011, Hamilton College
Evan Hauger '13, "Orcus Overthrown: Death and the Dinner of Trimalchio"
Ross Jaffe '11, "Epic and Bucolic Elements in the Argonautica"
Claire Saxe '11, "Morphing the Metamorphoses: Adapting Ovid's Ceyx and Alcyone for the Stage"

April 2012, Skidmore College
Elizabeth Kiggins '12, "The Implementation of United States Cultural Property Legislation: The Case of the Euphronios Krater"
Bryn Schockmel '12, "The Sanctuary of the Great Gods at Samothrace: Hellenistic Patronage and Politics"
Kristin Travagline '12, "Horace and Czeslaw Milosz: Side by Side across Two Millennia"

April 19, 2013, Colgate University
Shannon DuBois '13, "Achilles and Andromache as Tragic Foils in the Iliad"
Amari Boyd '14 and Nicole Friedman '15 "Who Owns the Parthenon Marbles? A Debate"
Sarah Breitenfeld '15 "Glory: The Life of Aspasia"

The department expresses its appreciation to the Mellon Foundation for its initial support of this collaboration and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for continuing that support.

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