Thesis Guidelines

The senior thesis in Classics CC390 Thesis represents a unique opportunity for majors to explore their interests within Classics at length, as well as to forge links between those interests and other disciplines.  The option of the thesis is open to all Classics majors in their senior year, with departmental approval.  The department maintains a limit of two senior theses annually.

The senior thesis typically takes on the form of an extended research paper, approximately 50 pages in length.  This format is not universal: theses involving performance or studio art are conceivable, and are, in fact, encouraged.  Note, however, that the latter projects will also have a written requirement, albeit one of lesser length.  In any event, the student will have an opportunity to present the substance of his or her thesis in a scholarly way, in addition to whatever performance or exhibition is necessary.

The time frame for planning, developing, and completing the thesis is the entire senior year.  The planning should occupy the fall semester when the student is enrolled in CC371 Independent Study (1 credit), while the development and completion should take place in the spring semester in CC390 Thesis (3 credits).

Planning your Thesis

Developing and completing your Thesis

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