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Developing and Completing the Thesis

In the spring term the student will make the transition from research to producing the thesis. The student enrolled in CC390: Thesis should meet with his or her thesis supervisor on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the thesis supervisor to assess the student's progress throughout the spring term. At the beginning of the semester the student and the supervisor should work out a timetable for completing the thesis. The timetable should be tailored to the nature of the project: for research papers, the due dates of outlines, rough drafts, and the like should be determined; the appropriate markers of progress for theses with a performance or an exhibition should be likewise established. The student and supervisor together will select a second reader, preferably one in the Classics Department, and will establish deadlines for getting rough drafts to the second reader. The deadline for submitting the completed thesis (one for each member of the Classics Department plus any additional outside readers) must be no later than the last day of classes to ensure sufficient time for evaluation by the Classics Department. The student will present the thesis at a departmental symposium after the end of classes. Thesis students are also encouraged to present their results at the annual college-wide Academic Festival, of which the departmental symposium may be a part. The department will determine whether the student has earned a passing grade in CC390; the thesis supervisor will determine the student's final grade in that course.