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Student Achievements

Academic Festival

Classics students participate annually in the Academic Festival, an annual celebration of academic achievement where students present their senior theses, research projects and course collaborations.

Academic Festival 2005:
Susan Parrillo '05, "On Plato's Forms:  A Philosophical Theory or Theme in Dialectic?"

Academic Festival 2006:
Alexandra Cummings '07, Kaitlin Mahoney '09, Kelly Genois '08, Ally Cohan '09, Ethan Weiss '09, "Artistic Interpretations of Classical Myths"

Academic Festival 2007:
Dan Moran '07, "Hadrian's Panhellenion:  Roman Presence in 2nd Century Greece"
Katherine Jane Bailey '09, "Homo Aestheticus"
Peter Achenbaum '10, Margaret Acosta '09, Nicholas Borek '08, Morgan Eisler '09, Benjamin Garton '07, Brian Indig '08, James Kiesel '09, Jacob Navarrete '08, John Norton '10, Eliza Rosler '08, "The Sexual Congress"

Academic Festival 2009:
Ancient History Panel:  Amanda Paret '10, "A Meeting of Great Men:  Achilles and Priam in 'Troy,'"
Jim Ryan '09, "Catullus and the Benefits of Evolving Scholarship," Ross Jaffe '11, "The Evils of Fortune"
Art Treasures of the Metropolitan Museum:  Elizabeth Kiggins ’12, Rena Linden ’12, Katelyn Painter ’12, Bryn Schockmel ’12, "Den of Antiquities" 

Doblin Prize

In 1997, the department established the Helga B. Doblin Prize in Classics. The prize honors our mater familiaris, the professor of German, Linguistics, Greek, and Latin (1966-1981) who co-founded the study of classics at the College and is awarded to a senior major who has demonstrated academic excellence in both ancient languages and literatures as well as classical civilization.

Kevin Relyea '97
Phil Ezzy '98
Emily Levy '99
Jamie Garfield '00
Caroline McKenzie '02
Andrea Piercy '03
Sara Nash '04
Katherine Drennan '05
Jessica Lubniewski '06
Daniel Moran '07
William "Andy" Cabell '08
James Ryan '09


The department participates in the Kenchreai Cemetery Project, an interdisciplinary excavation directed by Prof. Joseph Rife (Vanderbilt University) at a Roman cemetery near the ancient city of Corinth in Greece’s Peloponnese. Each summer, three students participate in the hands-on archaeological dig and complementary educational program. The department expresses its appreciation to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for the financial support it provides for our student participants.


Our students develop into emerging scholars, learning how to conduct critical inquiry, to base arguments and analysis on evidence, and to subject their work to review by their peers. In 2006, our department joined the Classics departments at Colgate University (Hamilton, NY), Hamilton College (Clinton, NY), and Union College (Schenectady, NY) in creating Parilia. Named for and held on or near the annual Roman spring festival, Parilia provides a venue for students from all four institutions to share the results of their research.Our department has selected the following students to present their work at Parilia:

April 21, 2006, Union College
Jess Lubniewski '06, “An Unknown Face: Unearthing the Truth about an Egyptian Artifact”
Andy Cabell '08, “Theatricality and Amphitheatricality in Ovid's Metamorphoses
Naomi Gutierrez '06, “From Mediterranean to Mississippi: Heroism and Culture in The Odyssey and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'"

April 20, 2007, Hamilton College
Margaret Drake '07, “Legitimacy Constructed in Marble: The Augustan Building Program”
Dan Moran '07, “The Panhellenion: Roman Presence in Hadrianic Greece”
Molly Appel  '07, “The Constructive Power of Tertullian’s Rhetoric in the Prescription Against Heretics

April 18, 2008, Skidmore College
Andy Cabell '08, “Veiled Polemic: Viewing Rhetorical Strategies in the Windsor Report through Tertullian and Irenaeus”
Kelly Bischoff '10, “The Nostos of Achilles”
Katie Butler '08, “Archimedes and the Stomachion

April 17, 2009, Colgate University
Amanda Paret '10, "A Meeting of Great Men:  Achilles and Priam in 'Troy'"
Jim Ryan '09, "Catullus and the Benefits of Evolving Scholarship"
Ross Jaffe '11, "The Evils of Fortune"

The department expresses its appreciation to the Mellon Foundation for its initial support of this collaboration and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty for continuing that support.

Periclean Award

The Periclean Scholar Award Competition, held annually, awards up to four prizes to seniors for distinguished senior projects. The purpose of the Periclean Scholar Awards Program is to recognize excellence through an outstanding senior project, and to share the honor of this achievement by sponsoring a ceremonial presentation of the project open to the College community. Two departmental majors have received a Periclean Scholar Award in recent years:

Caroline McKenzie ’02, “The Romanization of Britain: Adoption, Assimilation and Cultural Revolution”

Andrea Piercy ’04, “The Forge of Hephaestus”