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This page attempts to maintain an updated summary of what our alumni are doing and where they now reside. Over the years our program-become-department has had so many students who have majored, minored, taken courses with us or worked in the department that we have chosen to include all students who have had an impact on us. As far as we are concerned, you are all our alumni!

Have we left you out? Is our information incomplete or out of date? Email with an update.



Stacy Adams '04

Living in NYC

Xenia Agostini '93


Erica (Anderson) Jerome '92

Vice President, Advertising Research, Los Angeles, CA



Jane (Baldwin) Henzerling '97

Executive Director, Teach for America-Miami, Miami, FL

Kristina Barry '95


Mary Bellino '78


Laurie Blackwood '83

Movement Education & Manual Therapy, president of Something's Moving, Inc., Albuquerque, NM

Bridget Boland '92


Megan Breuer '98

Ph.D. program in Psychopharmacology, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Danielle Brulotte '96

Senior Consultant and Model Mortgage-Backed Securities for Fannie Mae

Jeffrey Bussmann '03

Latin middle and upper-school teacher, Wakefield School, Warrenton, VA



Robert Cape, faculty

Assosicate Professor, Classics
Austin College
Dallas, TX

Charlene Caprio '96

MA, East European and Russian Studies, Yale University

Alex Carballo '01

Teacher and musician, NYC, NY

Andrew Cencini '01

Project Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Dylan Connor '97

Musician, ("The Queen Mother of Rock")

Connie Crew '92


Kim Crosby '94


Matthew Crowley '97

Fall '99: San Francisco State, M.A. program in English Composition



Helga Doblin, faculty
retired 1980

Wesley Nursing Home
Saratoga Springs, NY

Paul Dwyer

Web Editor and Catalog Editor, Skidmore College:




Phil Ezzy '98

Teaching Elementary School in Skykomish, WA



Simon Fennell '98


Anthony Fiore '96

New York City Police Officer

Samantha Frank '03

Law School, University of Maine

Jon Fry '98

University of Chicago, MA program in History (completed S99); Computer Programmer, Burlington, VT

Margot Fulton '90

44 Riverside Drive Waltham, MA 02154 781-899-1392



Jamie Garfield '00

MA, Classics, Columbia University; living in NYC

Roy Geiser '98

Ph.D., School of International Service, American University

Tarra (Genner) Curran '96

Tax consultant, Ernst and Young

Lisa George, faculty 1994-1998

Assistant Professor and Director, Classics
Arizona State University
Dept. of Languages and Literatures
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 870202
Tempe, AZ 85287-0202

Doug Gilmour '00

2nd Lieutenant, Marine Corps

Jennifer Graboski '93


Leah Guerreiro-Ramos '97

Editor, Traffic Engineering, Santa Monica, CA

Edward E. (Tad) Gutelius '95




Mark Hoeber '91

Program Management, Cisco System, Boston, MA

Ellen Hohmann '00

Departmental Assistant, Classics Dept., Northwestern University

Bob Horsman '01

Translator and Analyst, US Army


Graham Johnson '02

Media Planner, Boston, MA



Emily Klein '98


Jennifer Kniffin '93

Latin teacher 9-12, New Brunswick, NJ

Matt Kugler '01




Emily Levy '99

Living in Zaragoza, Spain, for the last two years teaching ESL to people ages 7-40. Now teaching Medea, Antigone, Othello, Beloved at Student Year Abroad.



Ellen Manyon '84

Director of the Robert R. McCormick Museum, Illinois

Jill Mariani '98

History teacher, Medfield, MA

Caroline McKenzie '02

MA, Museum Curatorial Studies, Institute for Fine Arts, NYU, '04

Kristina Meinking '02

Ph.D. program, Classics & Religion, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Brian Miller '98


Mark Mucha '00

Latin teacher, 9th-11th grades, Mystic Valley Regional Charter school, Massachusetts

Will Mudge '04

Christie's, European Furniture department, NYC



Sara Nash '04

Coordinator, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Braintree, MA



Kathleen O'Keefe '94




Holly Patrick '76

Realtor, Fairfield Co, CT; one of the first two Classical Studies majors at Skidmore

Mollie Patrick '97


Andrea Piercy '04

Ph.D. program, Oregon State University

Lisa Pyne '94

Latin teacher



Kevin Relyea '97

President of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Syracuse Chapter

Heidi (Ritz) Cohen '94

MA program in Elementary Education, Manhattanville College; now raising 2 children

Gill Roberts '03

Latin 6th grade teacher, Connecticut

Adam Rosen '93


Brad Rosen '04

Will enter medical school, Fall 2005



Sacks, Emily Meyer '83

History & Social Studies Teacher, Staples H.S., Westport, CT

Jay Scura '94

Univ. of Maryland, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology

Joe Seggio '04

Univ. of Maine at Orono, MA in Biology

Jerry Simatos '01


Jennifer (Sokol) Goldberg '97

Orchestra Librarian, Richmond Symphony

Megan Sullivan '97

F99: Boston College, MA Program in Classics; Bookstore Buyer, Somerville, MA



Colin Thomas '94

Computer Programmer, Saudi Aramco

Susan Decker Thomas '82

JD, Syracuse Univ.; a "recovering attorney" and now the Director of Planned Giving, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY


Heather Vickery '07

Living in MA, teaching Kaplan Prep Courses, substitute teaching and catering.  Applying to grad school in public policy, specifically health policy.



Keith Wallach '00


Allison Weintraub '04

Living in NYC; hopes to enter Library graduate school

Tessa Weiss

Teacher, Maryland; grad student, Johns Hopkins, Technology for Educators

Dimitri Willert '98


David Wiygul '04

Ph.D. program, Mathematics, Yale University



Heidi Yokoff '97


Etta Yuki ' 99

Translator, ESPN (Japan)



Eduardo Zevallos '04

Skidmore Admissions interviewer