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Welcome. We’ve created this Web site both to spotlight our most successful alumni and to make it easy for alums to share lessons with Skidmore undergraduates they’ve learned in establishing their careers. The information you provide below will help us to quickly and efficiently create a CTW profile for you. We very much appreciate your participation.

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Please describe your current work situation. Who is your employer, what is your title, and what are your main responsibilities? Please also describe major or recent achievements, and describe those aspects of the job you find most challenging or rewarding.

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Please briefly describe the path you've taken since graduation. In short, how did you make your way to your current employment?

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  I would like to participate in career-related discussions—either online or
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Your responses to the following four questions will be published verbatim, with light editing only as necessary for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
Question 1: Journey
How has your journey of academic discovery at Skidmore helped to shape who you are today?

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Question 2: Career
How has study in your major — and your general grounding in the liberal arts — prepared you for success?

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Question 3: Creativity
Has creativity mattered in what you've done? How so?

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Question 4: Advice
What advice would you give to young people at Skidmore who might be considering this major?

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