Working Groups

The working groups for the 2011-2012 school year included:
  • Energy Working Group: is asking the administration to commit to clean energy and working on anti-fracking and tarsands campaigns (see above photo from the Tar Sands Action in DC!). This group mobilizes students to attend hearings and rallies, and to work in the greater Saratoga/ Albany/NY region on energy issues (email mreisner or esherpa for more info)
  • Waste Working Group: Has two main projects: Northwoods Composting composts food waste from the apartments at the Scribner Village compost site. Finished compost is used in the Skidmore Student Garden (email tarnow for more info). The Water Bottle Campaign aims to reduce and eliminate the use of plastic water bottles through awareness and access to more water filling stations (email cvangeld for more info).
  • Transportation Working Group: Helps organize rides shares and bike events on campus. They also run a Cool Cities campaign to work with the Saratoga Springs community to support clean transportation (email rfreeman for more info)
  • Food Working Group: The Skidmore Student Garden sells their produce to the dining hall. Through the garden, along with programs, events, and projects, the Food Group hopes to increase awareness about the benefits of local eating. They also work with the Dining Hall to increase the availability of local foods served (email gstern or sarndt for more info). 

E-mail the 2011-2012 officers with ideas for new subcommittees.