What We've Done


  • We hosted a Moving Planet Day on September 24, 2011 to ask our leaders to get moving on addressing climate change issues.
  • Students attended the Dickinson Farm Conference on October 15, 2011.
  • We hosted a "Harvest Dinner" - using produce from our very own Skidmore Student Garden and donations from nearby farms, we cooked a local meal for over 200 students.
  • We celebrated Food Day on October 24, 2011 by creating a poster presentation to bring awareness to the origins of our food and who contributes to the process of getting it from the farm to our plate
  • We brought 65 students to the Tar Sands Action in DC on November 7, 2011. A few days after the action, Obama decided to re-consider the Tar Sands oil pipeline, pushing the decision back another year.
  • We hosted a presentation by the Beehive Design Collective, "The True Cost of Coal".


  • We hosted a performance by ReadNex Poetry Squad, as a part of the Focus Skidmore event series, with Skidmore groups Skidaiko and Pulse as openers for the poets.
  • We co-sponsored a lecture by Jennifer Redfearn, an independent documentarist who recently filmed Sun Come Up, a documentary about climate refugees from the Carteret Islands.
  • We hosted a lecture by Jeff Goodell on his new book, How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth's Climate, and raised $92 from a booksale, which we donated to Haiti relief through Partners in Health.
  • We co-sponsored a presentation by the Beehive Design Collective, "The True Cost of Coal," an event organized by Eli Dibner-Dunlap.
  • Under the leadership of Hayley Sacks, Talia Arnow, Dawn Harfmann, and Gabriella Stern, we hosted several work parties and fundraising events to get the Skidmore Student Garden started for the 2010 season.
  • We volunteered at the Big Green Scream by helping kids pot plants in biodegradable containers.
  • With significant help from Nate Kraus-Malett and Dawn Harfmann, we continued to promote composting in the Northwoods Apartments and in Scribner Village and made frequent additions to the compost pile with materials collected in the two apartment areas.
  • We hosted 2010 Earth Day celebrations along with Lively Lucy's and WSPN, including a music festival, tie-dying, veggie burgers and veggie kabobs, a clothing swap, and more.
  • We gave away biodegradable, reusable travel mugs to the Skidmore community on Fun Day.
  • We worked with the Saratoga Healthy Transportation Network (SHTN) and the Economic Opportunity Council to fix up and donate dozens of bikes to people in need.  We outfitted the Skidmore College Green Bikes Program with new bicycles donated by SHTN.  We also collaborated with SHTN to donate bicycles to Haiti.