Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness


Skidmore College's Compreshensive Emergency Managment Plan is a fully integrated, campus-wide, all-hazards emergency management program based on the framework of the four phases of emergency management: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. This plan is intended to be sustainable and flexible, taking into account the unique characteristics of Skidmore.

Being prepared is the responsibility of every person in the community. It's up to you to play your integral role.

  • Understand the emergency notification methods and register to receive SUNS Alerts
  • Review the evacuation procedures and know what assembly points to go to when exiting a building
  • Know how to shelter-in-place when you hear the SUNS Siren







Quick Links:

Urgent Notification System

emergency procedures

Weather Information

Skidmore Urgent Notification System

The Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS) – based on e2campus technology – is a web-based, mass-notification system that enables the Department of Campus Safety to send instant alerts to all students’, faculty and staff's cell phones, email accounts, pagers & web pages automatically all at once from one easy-to-use interface.  Register here.

Campus Safety Contact Numbers
 EMERGENCIES  518-580-5566
 TIPS HOTLINE  518-580-8477
 NON-EMERGENCIES  518-580-5567
 WEATHER LINE  518-580-7669
 EMAIL ADDRESS campus-safety-list@skidmore.edu