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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use the calendar?

To use the calendar, click on the grey headers in the right column to see features such as search categories and event details. Click on an event name for more information, or on the date in the calendar grid for more daily and ongoing events that day.  A keyword search function is located at the top of the calendar. You have the ability to change what you see on the calendar by using the Display Options area on the right. Click "On-going Events" to view events that run for multiple days or select "List View" to view the events in a list.


How do I view a specific event?

Click on the text for that event, as shown on the calendar.  Information about that event will appear in the top right box labeled "Event Details".   Please also note the radio button toggle to the right of the calendar to view either Daily Events or On-going Events.


How do I view a specific date?

The calendar defaults to show the current month.  To view the events of a particular day, you can either click on the grey box with the date or the gray plus at the bottom right of that date box.  The page will adjust to show the events for that day or the events on that day fitting criteria you entered in the keyword search or the category search.

To view dates in a different month, use the white scrolling arrows on either side of the month at the top of the page or click on the month's letter in the small grid at the top left of the calendar.


How do I search for an event?

There are many different methods to search for an event. 

  • At the top of the calendar is a keyword search form. Enter the word or phrase and click "Go." Any event that matches your search will appear.
  • The right column contains preselected categories. Click as many categories as you like and click "Submit." The form will display every event for that month in the categories selected.
  • The calendar includes both Daily and On-going events but only displays one at a time. Click the display type under Display Options on the right to switch between the two views.
Any search criteria you set will remain until you reset the form or change it.


What does the gray plus in a calendar date box mean?

The gray plus in the lower right corner of a calendar date box indicates that there are more events, either Daily or Ongoing, for that day than can be easily shown on the calendar.  You may either click on that gray plus for the full listing or click on the date in the calendar date box for the full listing. Days that do not have a gray plus indicate that there are no other events for that day other than what is displayed.


How do I view events in different categories?

All calendar events belong to a category. To view events in different categories select one or more category from the list located at the right of the calendar. (You may have to click on the gray Categories bar to expand the list.)  Choose your categories and click submit, which will refresh the calendar to show your desired event types.

To resume viewing all categories either uncheck the cateogry boxes you selected before and click Submit or click the Reset Calendar button under Display Options.

Please also note the radio button toggle under display options to switch between Daily Events and On-going Events.


What is the difference between an on-going event and a daily event?

An on-going event is one that lasts multiple days. This would include things like artist exhibitions in the various art galleries or a play performed over several days.  A daily event happens once only, on a specific day and time. The calendar will only display one type at a time, either on-going or daily events. The view when you first visit the calendar is always daily events. When a gray plus appears on the day it may indicate that the other view has events as well.


How do I view additional details about an event?

In any calendar view, you can click on the event title to see additional details in the Event Details window at the top right. Some events may have their own Web pages that you can go to for additional information.


How do I submit an event?

Events can be submitted for publication in the Events Calendar by current students, faculty, and staff with a valid Skidmore College user account. All events require approval by the calendar administrator prior to publication. To submit an event click on the "Submit Event" link at the top of the calendar and follow the instructions. If you don't have a valid user account and have a campus event that should be on the calendar send an email to:


Whom do I contact if I have questions about an event?

Most calendar events have contact information listed that is viewable from the Events Details window when you click on the title of the event in the calendar.  If there is no contact information displayed, you can send an email to


Do I need a specific browser or plugin?

The Events Calendar will run on most browsers without any special plugins, but it does make use of some of the newest Javascript programming.  For best utility of the calendar features, you should have Javascript enabled in your browser (but it is not required).

  • Firefox 3.x: Under Tools, select Options.  In the popup window, select the Content icon across the top.  Under that tab, be certain that "Enable JavaScript" is checked on, and click Okay.  Close and then restart your browser.
  • IE 7: Under Tools, select Internet Options, and click the Security tab in the popup window.  Click on the Custom Level button, and the scroll down to the Scripting section.  Click Disable under the headings, and then click Okay.  Close and restart your browser.