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Cultura Verde Information Table Session

Location: Starbuck Center: 2nd floor Conference Room 203B

Date: 02/06/2013

Time: 4:00 PM

We believe that a better way of life for all is possible only if we have a healthy and positive relationship with ourselves, our community and our environment. We begin with the way in which we resolve our most basic needs such as food and shelter, then we include more abstract issues that we believe are important for the maintenance of balanced and sustainable lives. Issues such as integrated health management, links to the community, creative activities (either recreational or for profit) and spiritual development. We try to live as we believe and share our experiences with one another, hoping to inspire others about how simple and fun it can be to create their own models to achieve sustainable, abundant and full lives. Our method has been designed to be implemented in rural areas in developing countries. For this reason, our training center is located on the Finca El Casquillo, a 4 acre organic farm located is in the lush green mountains of the Los Santos region, just an hour and a half southwest of San José, Costa Rica’s capital. Our purpose is to make available to local rural communities, as well as urbanites, a space to share experiences and develop projects that help people create a sustainable future for themselves. Our actions, training and exchange activities focus on organic farming, permaculture, sustainable natural construction, the visual arts, dance, music, poetry, healthy cuisine, alternative therapies and other activities that promote spiritual and social development in harmony with nature. Looking for self-motivated individuals interested in making a difference in a rural community. This may include labor on the farm—helping with planting, applying compost, learning about biointensive agriculture, etc; it may be a research project that looks at some of the species we have growing on the farm and taking scientific data; or it may include an arts/cultural project with the community.

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