Committee on Academic Standing (CAS)

Function: To formulate and administer policy relating to the academic status of students including matters concerning probation, honors, requirements for graduation, acceleration, and leave of absence; to determine the academic status of each student on the basis of the record, reports of instructors, the opinion of the faculty in the major and any other relevant data; and to give any instructions and advice which seem necessary or advisable.

Membership: Three faculty members, at least one tenured and none of whom may be a member of the CAFR, appointed to serve three-year terms; the Dean of Studies or his/her designated representative, the Registrar and Director of Institutional Research or his/her designated representative, and two students selected by SGA, one junior to be appointed each year to serve a two-year term.

2016 Eric Morser, History, untenured
2014 Katie Hauser, Art History, tenured,  Chair
2015 Cathy Gibson, Environmental Studies, untenured
  Corey Freeman-Gallant, Associated Dean of Faculty for Academic Advising 
  Kim Marsella, Associate Director of Academic Advising (non-voting)

Beth McPhee, Academic Advising (non-voting visitor, 12-13)
  David DeConno, Registrar (non-voting)

Sharon Clemmey, Senior Coordinator for the Registrar (non-voting)

Tina Breakell, Associate Director, Office of Off-Campus Study (non-voting visitor 12-13)
2013 TBD - student rep
  TBD - student rep