Curriculum Committee (CC)

Function: To act for the Faculty in reviewing curricular matters including those which implement educational policy concerning all-College requirements; to generate recommendations concerning immediate and long-range curricular matters; to administer the self-determined majors program; to make recommendations to the Faculty concerning other curricular matters brought before it by faculty, students, and the Administration.

Membership: Six faculty members, each from a different department, at least two of whom are tenured, elected to serve three-year terms; the Dean of the Faculty or his/her designated representative; and two students selected by SGA. Non-voting members of the committee are the Registrar, and the Associate Dean for Academic Advising. A faculty member of the Committee shall serve on the self-determined majors subcommittee composed of other members appointed by the Curriculum Committee to represent a reasonable range of academic disciplines.

2014 Shirley Smith, Foreign Languages & Literatures, tenured
Michael Eckmann, Mathematics & Computer Science, untenured
2015 Sylvia McDevitt, Biology, untenured, Chair
2015 Kenji Tierney, Anthropology, untenured
2016 T.H. Reynolds, Health and Exercise Sciences, tenured
2016 Aiwa Zhao, Management and Business, untenured

Paty Rubio, Associate Dean of Faculty for Personnel, Development, and Diversity
  Corey Freeman-Gallant, Associate Dean of Faculty for Academic Policy and Advising (non-voting) 
  David DeConno, Registrar (non-voting)

Sharon Clemmey - Registrar's Office Representative
2014 TBD - student rep
2014 TBD - student rep

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