Function:  To provide a pool of  faculty peers to staff an Advisory Panel (AP, see below), which is convened in the formal investigation of a discrimination or harassment charge made against a member of the faculty; or to staff a Grievance Panel (GP, see below), which is convened when a member of the Faculty appeals disciplinary sanctions, based upon charges of professional incompetence, neglect of duties, professional misconduct, or personal misconduct or when the ADOFP believes dismissal of a member of the Faculty is warranted, based upon charges of professional incompetence, neglect of duties, professional misconduct, or personal misconduct. 

Membership: Eight members of the faculty, at least six of whom must be tenured and two of whom may be untenured at the time of appointment, serving overlapping three-year terms.  These members will be appointed by the FEC in consultation with the Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs, and trained by Human Resources in matters of discrimination, harassment, and disciplinary proceedings.  Appointments will be based on an initial willingness-to-serve pool, the vote of the faculty, and, when necessary, the need for appointing a representative FAB.  Members of the FAB may not serve concurrently on the CAFR, the CAPT or the TRB.  The FAB will select its chair from its membership.  

2013 Linda Simon, English, tenured
2013 Mary Stange, Philosophy & Religion, tenured
2014 Reg Lilly, Philosophy & Religion, tenured
2014 Roy Rotheim, Economics, tenured
2015 Colleen Burke, Management & Business, untenured
2015 Daniel Curley, Classics, tenured
2015 Debra Fernandez, Dance, tenured
2015 Deborah Rohr, Music, tenured

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