Honors Forum Council (HFC)

Function: The ongoing responsibilities of the Honors Forum Council include reviewing applications for membership and inducting new members, monitoring the eligibility standards for current members, planning and sponsoring academic and co-curricular events, developing a sufficient number of courses and co-curricular events for inclusion among the "honors" resources, communicating with the wider community of students and faculty regarding Forum opportunities and the achievements of honors (and other) students, and assessing the effectiveness of the Honors Forum in achieving its goals.

Membership: Four faculty, three elected for three-year terms and one who chairs the Council and serves as Director of the Honors Forum for a four-year term; the Associate Dean of Student Affairs; the Dean of Studies; the Associate Dean of the Faculty; the President or a designated representative of the Periclean Honor Society; two students appointed from members of the Forum, one student selected by SGA.

2014 Jennifer Bonner, Biology
2015 Kendrah Murphy, Physics (LV '13-'14)
2015 Nurcan Atalan-Helicke (replacement for Murphy), '13-'14
Catherine Golden, English, Chair & Director
2016 Kate Greenspan, English (LV F '13)

Erika Schielke, Biology (replacement for Greenspan), F '13
  David Karp, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  Kim Marsella, Director of Academic Advising

Lisa Bradshaw, Administrative Assistant
2014 TBD - Honors Forum President
2014 TBD - Honors Forum Vice President
TBD - Honors Forum Vice President

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