Safety in the Workplace Committee (SIWC)


Function: To publish and maintain the Safety in the Workplace Program, a program that complies both with applicable external laws and regulations and with Skidmore’s specific needs, to review regularly existing safety policies and consider new policies designed to minimize unsafe acts, eliminate or control hazards, and stimulate efforts to create and maintain interest in safety.

Membership: Two faculty members, one student member, one support staff member, one member of Local 200D, all appointed by the President and serving staggered three-year terms; the College physician, the Manager of Employment and Training, the Dean of the Faculty or her/his designee, and the Business Manager (Chair).


  Paul Davis, Art, Dean of Faculty designee

Christine Kopec, Management & Business, faculty (1-yr. replacement)

2015 Kara Cetto Bales, Chemistry, faculty

2013 TBD - student

2014 Terri Mariani, Human Resources, support staff rep

  Christine Kaczmarek, Director of Business Services, Chair (member & chair by title)

  Loretta Greenholtz, Environmental Health & Safety Officer for Academic Affairs

  Michelle Lapo, Health Services designee 

  Alena Llorens-Myers, Human Resources designee

  David Nicholson, Facilities Services designee

  Dennis Conway, Director, Campus Safety

2013 TBD - Union Rep, Local 200D   

  Bonnie Rolon, Dining Services designee

  Kim Bombard, Committee Recording Secretary