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Eva Meinberg Aviad ('65)

Eva Aviad Realty
Wyndham Deedes 4 German Colony
Jerusalem , Israel, NY 93106
Phone: 9722 5660891
Email: eva@aviadrealty.com
Website: www.aviadrealty.com

Business Category:
Real Estate

Business Description:
Although I work specifically in Jerusalem, both in rentals and in sales, I have many clients from the States who have bought and rented properties here...Short term rentals for the summer or the holidays is also possible form the States. In addition, I have Israeli clients who are interested in projects and properties in the States...

Other Affiliation to Skidmore: Alumna/us

Additional Information:
I would be happy to be in touch with Skidmore alumni in the business in the States who could send clients to me, and visa versa.