CMS is the web design package that Skidmore College uses to allow for commonality across Skidmore webpages, while still giving individual users a great deal of choice in how they present their information inside the templates provided.  Users have control of their content, without the learning curve associated with Dreamweaver or other web editing means.

Support for CMS users is found on this site.  We offer short training/refresher videos, a full helpfile for download, FAQ's to address common questions, and a blog of CMS news and updates.  The Web Development Team also produces newsletters, which are archived on this site.

CMS Training Information

CMS training classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  If you are in need of training or a refresher course, you should contact Jenn Crewell (x8117).

Our entire beginner training class is covered online with videos and FAQs, for the convenience of the online learner, and for those who need just a short refresher on a particular aspect of editing.

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