Online Beginner Class

Welcome to the Online Beginner Class! Review the videos and FAQs for each section in the order listed, or in whatever order you need at this time. Don't forget to check out our other Training Videos and Frequently Asked Questions for items not covered in this class.

Preparation Session 1 (10 minutes): Overview of CMS (philosophy, graphic standards, other Skidmore design standards)

Preparation, Session 2 (5-10 minutes): ADA Compliance (federal laws regarding accessibility of information to employees and the public, regardless of physical capability)

Preparation Session 3 (5-10 minutes): Setting up your computer for CMS work

Session 1: Logging In

Session 2: An Overview of the Icons

Session 3: Accessing Author Mode

Session 4: Editing a Formatted Text Block

Session 5: Publishing Your Changes

Session 6: Discarding Your Changes

Session 7: Create a new page

Session 8: Elements

Session 9: Changing a Document or Link Name (FAQ)

Session 10: Deleting a page

Session 11: Adding an External URL to the Navigation (FAQ)

Session 12: Adding a Document to the Navigation (FAQ)

Session 13: Uploading a New Document

Session 14: My Pages: Viewing the pages that you own

Session 15: Creating a photo gallery

Session 16: Forms (Advanced topic)