Click here for a video tutorial.How do I add a Textblock?

  1. Using your browser, go to the page that needs text.
  2. Click the Page View icon (View Mode Icon) and select author.
  3. Throughout the page, are icons (Container Element Icon & Edit). These icons signify areas or elements that can be accessed. Many of these areas include "Click here to insert new element" text. Click "Click here to insert new element" to add a textblock.
  4. Select the "Text Elements" category that appears in the Element Gallery Window then click "Formatted Text Block (without header)."
  5. The Element Gallery Window will close and your page will refresh. Now this icon will display:
    formatted text block
    Click on the text to open up the text block editor.
  6. Add text, images, tables, etc. in the Formatted Text Block window.
  7. Select the "Finish" button when done.
  8. The page will update with the content.
  9. Publish your work.

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