How do I create anchor links within my page?

Anchor links are covered extensively beginning on page 36 of the CMS Help Manual.  This FAQ is an overview, you can refer back to the manual for more detail.

Sometimes it's convenient to enable readers to jump from the top of a long page to a specific point lower in the page (or to a specific point in another page).  Creating this user-friendly link is a two-step process.  You can see it in action on this page!


First, you define an anchor (destination).

1. Navigate to the page that will contain the destination for the jump, and then go into Author mode.

2.  Select the destination for the jump by clicking the insertion point for the bookmark.  You will usually insert your cursor in front of the text you want to jump to. 

For example, on this page I've inserted an anchor before "First, create the anchor (destination) and

3.  With your cursor in place, define the bookmark by clicking the Anchor button in the toolbar.  The Bookmark Properties window will open.

4.  Enter the name of the bookmark.  Remember the name; you will need the name when you define the link to the bookmark.  (This name text will NOT be displayed on the page.)  I used the names "first" and "second", no capitals or punctuation or spaces. 

5.  Click "Finish".

Now you are ready to configure the link. If the link will be in the same Formatted Text Block element, leave the window open.  If it will be in another block or page, click Finish and publish your work before continuing.


Second, you configure the link.

In this example, the link is in the same Formatted Text Block element as the destination. However, the link and bookmark destination can be on different pages.

1. With the Formatted Text Block window open, select the text to be linked to the bookmark.  For example, if you want the words "First, you define an anchor" to be the link, select that text.

2. After the link text has been selected, configure the link by clicking the Link button in the toolbar.  The Insert Link window will open.

3. Select "Link to Existing Page, Uploaded Document or URL" and click "Next."

4. Delete the contents in the textbox under the "External URL or Relative Internal URL" option.

5. Type in a # sign, followed by the name given to the bookmark. For example, if the bookmark is "first" type #first in the space provided.  Repeat for however many anchors you wish to establish.  (

If you are linking to an anchor on another page, you must provide the entire URL in the box, such as http://cms.skidmore.edu/help/faq/anchors.cfm#first

6.  Click Finish.  Publish your work, and the links will direct you on your page.