How to Edit or Add Books

Example (random):

Recovering Reason: Essays in Honor of Thomas L. Pangle  by Timothy Burns


Request a Book Cover widget to be installed on your site

Contact the web team via the web form.
Please let us know who will be entering the books, and the URL of the page that you would like them to appear on.  We will be in touch with you to discuss exact placement of the plug in, etc.  Once the plug in is installed, you'll be able to enter your testimonials and have them display on the site.

Log into the system

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Skidmore Username and Password.
  3. Click OK.

To Create a New Book

  1. Click Book Covers from the list provided
  2. Click Add a Book button
  3. Fill out the form
    • Include this book on the following pages: List of sites you control where you want the book to appear.
    • Start Date: The date the book should begin to appear. This can be set to a future date and the book will automatically appear on that date.
    • Book Title: Title of the book
    • Book Description: (optional) 2-3 sentence book description.
    • Book Link: (optional) Link to a site related to the book.
    • Reviews: (optional) Link to a site that reviews the book.
    • Thumbnail: (recommended) Image of the book. Must be no wider than 150px and no taller than 150 pixels.
    • Publisher: Name of the publisher.
    • Copyright/Publication Date: Book copyright or publication date if a magazine.
    • Magazine Title: Title of Magazine where article appears.
    • Issue: Magazine issue where article appears.
    • Pages: (optional) Pages of book or magazine.
    • Author: Select the faculty member's name for future cross-referencing, if the author is a faculty member.
    • Display First Name: The first name that will be displayed on the page. This can be changed to the name the faculty member prefers.
    • Display Last Name: The last name that will be displayed on the page.
    • Title/Class: Employee title or alumni class year.
    • Audio File: (optional) Link to an audio file related to the book.
    • Photos: (optional) Link to photos related to the book.
    • Video: (optional) Link to a video related to the book.
    • Person's Website: (optional) Link to the author's website.
    • Profile: (optional) Link to the author's profile.
    • Twitter: (optional) Link to the author's Twitter account.
  4. Click Submit>>

To Edit an Existing Book

  1. Click Book Covers from the list provided
  2. Find the book in the list at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Make any changes within the form (see list above for form definitions)
  5. Click Submit>>