How do I clear my CMS page cache?

Items posted in the News, Announcements, Right Column, and other Scope items have a time-delay feature before being posted onto web pages.  This allows better workload management on the servers we use to process these items.  

However, there may be times that you will want your Alert or Announcement to appear immediately, particularly in the event of a snow emergency or similar circumstance.  It is possible to refresh the page cache on the CMS in order to post your Scope item for viewing immediately.

If you are posting to multiple pages, you will need to repeat this on multiple pages, where you may not have authoring privileges.  Contact the Web Development team for assistance with emergency postings on pages you do not have rights to.

  1. Log into the CMS author server, and post your items through the Scope administration area.  http://cmsauthor.skidmore.edu/news/admin/

  2. Go to the page where the items would be displayed, for example, the home page, or the Current Students page, etc.  Make sure you are still on the cmsauthor server.

  3. Under Properties and Actions, choose "Clear and Update Cache" to refresh the page and update your Scope item posting.

If your items still do not post, you should check your start and end dates, your priority levels, and make sure that you properly cleaned your imported text and there is no code obstructing your posting.   If you still have difficulties, contact the Web Development team for assistance.