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Upcoming Daily Events

There are no more events scheduled for this month.

Adding and Editing Events on Your Department Calendar

See an example of the department calendar in the left column under the search box.

Log into the system

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Skidmore Username and Password.
  3. Click OK.

To Create a New Event

  1. Click Events from the list provided
  2. Click Create New Event button
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Click Submit

It's important to note that new events submitted to the Skidmore calendar are manually reviewed before posting, so it may take 1-2 working days before your event displays on your calendar. This is the normal expected delay.

To Edit an Existing Event

  1. Click Events from the list provided
  2. Find the Event in the list at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Make any changes within the form
  5. Click Submit

Changes to your already-approved event should appear on the calendar immediately after submission. If you don't see your changes, please clear your page cache and browser cache before contacting the web team for assistance.

Form Fields Defined

  • Department-Only Event
    Department Only
    Some events held by your department aren't always right for the main Skidmore Calendar. The event may be a weekly study group or a department-only event. Events that you want on your department calendar don't have to be added to the main Skidmore Calendar. Simply check the box under Department-Only Event and you prevent the event from being shared to the main Skidmore Calendar.

  • Include this event on the following pages
    Select the department
    This is a list of department sites that you control. Select the sites where you wish to display the event. The graphic above displays a user who only has one site in the list. If you only have one department, you must select the department for the event to display. If nothing is selected, then the event will not be included in your department calendar.

    On a PC, use the CTRL key to select multiple items. On a mac,use the Command key to select multiple items.

  • Tags
    It's a great idea to add tags to your events. When a visitor clicks the same tag on a news story, for example, then your event will appear in the list.  Examples of good tags are: sustainability, sustainable skidmore, english, raab lecture series, etc.

  • Title
    If you don't yet know the exact title of your event, you can put in temporary text, and come back to edit it later. An example would be "Raab Lecture" as a temporary title, and then later "Raab Lecture: Warren Selig"

  • Start Date

  • End Date
    You must include an end date, even if it is the same date as the start date.

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Building
    This is a list of buildings on campus. You can leave it blank if you like, however, by selecting the building, you will connect your event to the campus map so when someone views a building on the campus map, the event will be listed.  If you do not select a building, you should enter location information in the next box for Room/Off-campus Location

  • Room/Off-campus location
    If your event is off-campus, you can use this box to indicate where. If your event is in a particular room of a building, you can fill that information in here.

  • Event Image
    The event image is what will show up in the top right of the calendar, and will be the small thumbnail next to the event when it displays on a department page (or the home page).  You can upload your own, or you can choose one of the generic ones already loaded into the system.

    calendar thumbnail images

    New images must be 198px wide by 130px tall. If the image is not of these dimensions, the system will attempt to re-size it, and sometimes the results are not what you would expect.

    To choose from the previously uploaded images, click on the left or right arrows on the filmstrip. There are images for music, dance, theater, movies, some of the common campus buildings, lectures, career events, and so forth.

    • Alternative Thumbnail Text
      For ADA compliance reasons, please provide a few words to describe whatever thumbnail image you use. "Dance performance", "Wilson Chapel", etc.

  • Audience Notes
    • Category
      A general indication of what types of audiences might be interested in your event.

    • Open To
      This is very important!  If your event is not open to everyone, you must select the appropriate category from the drop down list.  Otherwise, the event may be advertised inappropriately.

  • Contact Information
    Who should someone contact, if they have questions about this event?

  • Additional Event Information
    This is an opportunity to add more information - a longer description of your event, ticketing information (under Attendance), the sponsors, etc.
    • Attendance Information - this is where a Vendini code for ticket sales would be pasted in
    • URL - is there a URL for more information about the program, or the person?

  • Comments/Notes
    This section is not visible on the calendar - it is only visible to people editing the events, or managing calendars.