Setting Up Your Computer for CMS Work


You can access the CMS from anywhere on the web, using IE 7 and IE 8, or Firefox 3.0 and higher.  CMS does not work on Safari, and has not been certified for any other browsers (Chrome, etc).  The bulk of our help documentation is written with Firefox as the default browser, so on occasion the directions for browser settings may be different than what you see in your own browser.

If you need help installing or configuring browsers, the IT Help Desk can assist you.


Popups and Toolbars

The CMS functions through the use of popups, so you will have to enable those for any browser that you are using.  In addition, you will need to disable any optional toolbars you have installed (Google, Bing, Yahoo), as these often have separate popup blockers which will interfere with CMS popups.

If you need help configuring your popup settings, or disabling toolbars, the IT Help Desk can assist you.

Refreshing/Cache Issues

Sometimes, a change you submit on your site won't show up right away on your computer monitor.  Hit F5 to refresh your browser, and see if the change shows up.  If it does not, you may need to refresh the CMS page cache.  If the change still is not visible, you may need to empty your browser cache.  

If none of these options work, please contact the Web team for assistance (Jenn Crewell, x8117).


CMSauthor versus CMS

The CMS system is maintained on two servers - one for authors to use to do work on sites, and one for our guests to visit.  They are called cmsauthor and cms, respectively.  You'll notice that when referring to Skidmore pages, links are never given to cmsauthor.skidmore.edu, only to cms.skidmore.edu - this keeps the authoring server free for us to work on, and the visitors on the read-only cms.skidmore.edu, which is built to handle that type of traffic.

From time to time, you'll click a link in your site, and notice that your toolbars have gone missing!  Most likely you have encountered a direct link to regular cms.skidmore.edu .  Type the "author" back into the URL, and hit enter - that will reload the authoring version of the page, and your toolbars should re-appear.

Example of cmsauthor