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How do I create a new page?

  1. Click the Page and Template icon (Page and Template icon) and select "Create New Page..."

  2. Select the page location from dropdown menun in the the Create Page popup window.
    Create Page Window

  3. Click the "Next" button.

  4. Within the Template Gallery window, click the green category text. Then click on the title of the desired template.  Different users have access to different templates, and you may have access to multiple templates.  Be sure to select the correct one for the site you're working on!

    The Administration templates are green at the top, and the Academics templates are yellow at the top.  If you have any question about which template you should choose, contact a member of the web team for advice.

    Template Gallery Window

  5. Enter information in the Create New Window window.

    Create New Window Fields:

    • Name: The file name that appears in the Web address. Example: index
      *Do not use spaces, periods, or commas.
    • Title: The title of the page. This will appear as text on your page.
    • Title Bar Caption: The text that appears in the blue bar at the top of the browser.
    • Description: A brief summary of the page. Can be as short as one word.
    • Category: The category this page belongs to.
    • Keywords: A comma-delimited list of words that describe your page. Press the Select Keywords button to use pre-defined words.
    • Publication Date: Select a date when the page will officially launch. If the date is in the future, the page will only be visible to authors, approvers, and administrators. No outside people will be able to view this page.
    • Confidentiality: Not necessary to select an item at this time.
    • Availability: This page will be accessible to any item listed under Availability. Leave every item checked.
    • Expiration: The author can set the page to be available for a limited time. The expiration field is the date the page will no longer be available to visitors.
    • Freshness Reminder: Sets a date or time span that reminds the author to review the content.

  6. Click the "Next" button.

  7. The next window to appear is the Custom Page Information. This window controls how the page will display in the navigation. Different templates have different forms.

  8. Click the "Finish" button.

  9. The main browser window will update with the new page. The green bar across the top of the screen indicates that the page is inactive. When the page is ready for launch, either publish your page or click the "Activate Page Now" button within the green bar.

    Inactive Bar

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