Click here for a video tutorial.How do I delete a page?

There are multiple ways to delete a page within the CMS.

Warning -- this is not reversible! If you delete a page, it is completely gone from the CMS system and cannot be restored.

First Method - Delete while at the page:
  1. Navigate to the page you wish to delete.
  2. While at the page, click the Properties and Actions icon (Properties and Actions).
  3. Select "Delete Page..." from the drop down menu.
  4. In the Delete Page window that appears, click the "Delete" button.
Second Method - From any page:
  1. Click the Properties and Actions icon (Page and Template icon).
  2. Select "My Pages..." from the drop down menu, towards the bottom of the list.
  3. The My Pages window that appears contains a list of every page created by the user. Narrow the search field by changing the options in the gray criteria area, then click the Submit button. 

    My Pages

  4. Click the plus sign to the left of each category to view the list of items.
  5. Select items to delete by clicking the checkbox to the left.
  6. Click the "Delete Selected Pages..." button.