Add a Video Popup Image


Add a Custom Script Element to the page

  • Click the Click Here to insert new element link on the page where you want to add the Portfolio Slider Widget.
  • Select Miscellaneous Elements from the list of categories when the Element Gallery window appears.
  • Choose Custom Script from the list of items under Miscellaneous Elements.
  • The page will refresh to include the link, Click here to define the Custom Script element.
Customize the Custom Script Element
  • Click the Click here to define the Custom Script element link to open the Custom Script Element Window.
  • Make sure the Properties tab is selected at the top of the window.
  • Copy /www/customcf/facebook/wall.cfm into the textbox under the Explicit Module header.
  • Click the Parameters tab at the top of the Custom Script Element window to tell the plugin which portfolio to display and other optional variables.
  • Enter the variables listed below to customize your feed in the large textbox in the Parameters tab.

    Required Variables

    • pageName=[string] Facebook page name in the URL. For example, use "SkidmoreCollege" in Some pages have longer URLs like In cases like that you will use "pages/Skidmore-Student-Academic-Services/329438727067384".

    Optional Variables
    • setWidth=[number] Width of the widget. Default is 400.
    • marginTop=[number] Spacing added to the top of the facebook widget. Default is 0.
    • marginBot=[number] Spacing added at the bottom of the widget. Default is 0.
    • borderColor=[hex value] Sets the color of the internal box that is powered by Facebook's code. Default is b9b5aa.

  • Once your settings are made, click Finish.
  • Publish your changes.