How do I get a rotating banner on my home page?

Flash is the program that powers the scrolling images that you will see in the banner area of some sites, similar to how the Portfolio appears on the Skidmore home page.  Flash is available by arrangement through the Office of Communications -- contact us to inquire.

Only one Flash install per site is available, usually for the site home page.  This prevents server overload, and also keeps your site more user-friendly.


Prepare Your Images

You will first need 6-10 images that you have properly cropped to fit the Flash area.  Using your choice of image software (Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP, etc) crop each image to the following specifications:

  • 559 pixels wide by 175 pixels tall
  • 72 dpi maximum
  • image name should be one word, no spaces (ex. image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc)

These proportions are very important, and it's important to crop (not just resize!) your images to this size, so as to avoid distortion of the picture.  You can read the Image FAQ for more hints on how to manipulate images.

Upload Your Images

Once you have your edited pictures in hand, contact the Office of Communications to ask for the Flash element to be included on your page.  You will need to provide at least 2 completed images with your request -- you can upload the rest yourself once the code is added.

Once you've been notified that it is installed, you will navigate to the flash page for your site, for example http://cms.skidmore.edu/global_skidmore/flash/index.cfm.  That page will have a handy interface for uploading your images quickly.

Note also that there is a button provided to delete an image when you're done using it.


Please note that when you delete an image, it is gone from the system entirely. Save a copy of the image if you think you'd like to use it again another time (seasonal images, for example).