How do I make photo galleries?

Click here for a video tutorial.The images you select should be scaled before loading to the CMS. Scale the images to the size you want them to be when they are enlarged on the display, not the thumbnail size.

1. Add a Formatted Text Block” element to the page.

2. Open the Formatted Text Block window by clicking “Click here to define the text block”.

3. In the Formatted Text Block window, position the cursor where you want the first image to be displayed in the gallery and click.  The blinking cursor will remain in position.

4. Open the Insert Image window by clicking image button  in the Formatted Text Block toolbar.

5. Use the Insert Image window to select the image and specify its display characteristics.  Enter text to describe the image in the Alternate Image Text field.  This text will display with the larger version of the image.  Click “Finish”.

6. Use the space bar and/or the [Shift] [Return] key combination (for a new line) to position the cursor where you want the next image in the gallery to be displayed.  Repeat steps 4 - 6 until all images are entered, and then click Finish.

8. On the current page, click the yellow + or yellow arrow icon for the Formatted Text Block element containing the images. Click More to expand your menu options.

9. Display the “Custom Render Handlers” window by selecting that item from the menu.

render handlers

10. Select one of the photo gallery options, and then click “Next”. The current page will be displayed with the new photo gallery ready to test.

custom render handlers

Example Photo Galleries