Click here for a video tutorial.What do the icons mean?

There are three icons that appear (for the most part) on every page after login.

Tools and Information  Tools and Information icon

The first of these icons, the Tools and Information contain CommonSpot’s knowledge sharing and discover tools. These powerful tools enable authors to value-add to the content they publish, and to begin to leverage all the collective knowledge of an organization, including image galleries, page finders, and referring links. The help window is accessible using this icon.

Menu items include: Search, What's New, Page Finder, Image Gallery, Document Information, Validate Links, Help

Page View  Page View icon

The second icon, Page View, controls the different modes in which a given user can view the page. A given user may have rights to read, author, or edit the page. Each view mode gives a user different options for interacting with the page content.

Menu items include: Read, Author, Edit, Version History, Preview, Logout, User Profile

Page and Template icon  Properties and Actions icon

The third icon, Properties and Actions, allows contributors to interact with properties and settings of the page itself, like creating a page, uploading a document, and registering an external page.

Menu items include: Standard Metadata, Custom Metadata, Create a Page, Copy/Move Page, Rename Page, Delete Page, Upload New Document, Register an External Page, Clear and Update Cache, My Pages

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