Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a link to another site into my navigation?

Begin by locating the URL you wish to use as a link on your site.  In this example, we will be using Google.  Then log into the CMS and get into Author mode on the index page you'd like to register the link to.
  1. Click the Properties and Actions icon (Page and Template icon) and select "Register an External Page"

  2. Use the drop down box to select where the link should be housed. That is, select which site will contain the link in the navigation to this URL.  This should by default be the your own site.
    drop down menu
  3. Click Next.

  4. Fill out the Register External Page form.  Paste or type your URL into the URL field, and enter a Title (the name that appears in the navigation).  Click the orange down arrow to fill in the rest of the default fields.
5.  Click Next. 
6.  The next window to appear is the Custom Page Information. This window controls how the page will display in the navigation (sort order) Different templates have different forms.  Enter a sort order into the field on the navigation tab, and click Finish
. custom

7. Click OK.  The new link may not immediately appear in your navigation, you may have to refresh your page in order for it to show.