Add a Portfolio Slider to Your Site

Sample Slider (speed at 30)


Add a Custom Script Element to the page

  • Click the Click Here to insert new element link on the page where you want to add the Portfolio Slider Widget.
  • Select Miscellaneous Elements from the list of categories when the Element Gallery window appears.
  • Choose Custom Script from the list of items under Miscellaneous Elements.
  • The page will refresh to include the link, Click here to define the Custom Script element.
Customize the Custom Script Element
  • Click the Click here to define the Custom Script element link to open the Custom Script Element Window.
  • Make sure the Properties tab is selected at the top of the window.
  • Copy /www/portfolios/customcf/slider.cfm into the textbox under the Explicit Module header.
  • Click the Parameters tab at the top of the Custom Script Element window to tell the plugin which portfolio to display.

    Required Variables

    • portfolioID=[number]

      The ID of the Portfolio as listed in the URL - only the numbers after the = sign in the URL.

      How to find the portfolio ID:
      • Go to the portfolio listings at and select the portfolio you wish to highlight.

      • The portfolio ID is at the end of the URL for the individual event. For example, the URL for the 2011 Academic Festival is The portfolioID is 912 at the end of the address.

      • portfolioID=912 in this example

  • Add optional variables to further customize the display of your portfolio slider. You can add a title, set the width, and set the scrolling speed.

    Optional Variables
    • width=[integer] How wide the slider should appear. The default width is 500px.
    • portfolioTitle=[string] The title listed above the slider, text only.
    • scrollSpeed=[integer] How fast the images should scroll down. The lower the number, the faster the slider scrolls through the images. The default speed is 20.

  • Once your settings are made, click Finish.
  • Publish your changes.

You can have multiple sliders on a page, but the first will dictate the speed of the following sliders.

Example: Code for Sample Slider above

portfolioTitle=Sample Slider (speed at 30)

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