How to Add A Blog Feed Reader Widget

The Blog Feed Reader Widget reads the RSS feed for any blog you enter and displays the most recent posts from the group in one window.


This plugin option disabled 6/26/13 due to database conflicts - it is no longer available on the CMS system.


Add a Custom Script Element to the page

  • Click the Click Here to insert new element link on the page where you want the Blog Feed plugin.
  • Select Miscellaneous Elements from the list of categories when the Element Gallery window appears.
  • Choose Custom Script from the list of items under Miscellaneous Elements.
  • The page will refresh to include the link, Click here to define the Custom Script element.
Customize the Custom Script Element
  • Click the Click here to define the Custom Script element link to open the Custom Script Element Window.
  • Make sure the Properties tab is selected at the top of the window.
  • Copy /www/customcf/feeds/blogreader.cfm into the textbox under the Explicit Module header.
  • Click the Parameters tab at the top of the Custom Script Element window to tell the plugin where to find your Blog account and customize how the feed will look.
  • Enter the variables listed below to customize your feed in the large textbox in the Parameters tab.

    Required Variables

    • feed = RSS feed for the blog(s) you want fed into your page. If you want to add multiple blogs, enter the RSS feeds as a comma-delimited list. You can enter as many as you like.

    Optional Variables
    • boxTitle=[string] Enter the title for the box.
    • feedCount=[number] Enter the number of blog posts you would like to display. Default is 10.
    • boxWidth=[number] Enter a number (from 1 - 530) for the width. Default is 450.
    • boxHeight=[number] Enter a number to control the height. Default is 400.
    • align=[left|right] Enter either right or left to push the box to that side of the page. If you do not include the variable, the box will not push to the right or left, but rather reside in a single line with the text below.
    • marginLeft=Enter a number to add spacing between the blog feed and the content to the left.
    • marginRight=Enter a number to add spacing between the blog feed and the content to the right.
    • marginTop=Enter a number to add spacing between the blog feed and the content above.
    • marginBottom=Enter a number to add spacing between the blog feed and the content below.
    • moreLink=[url]Enter a link for the bottom of the box to send the user on to wherever you need. Default is
    • moreText=[text]Text for moreLink at the bottom of the box. Default is "more blogs."

  • Once your settings are made, click Finish.
  • Publish your changes.

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