How does the Textblock work?

The rich text editor includes the following tools:

 font choices Choose font style from the dropdown menu
 formatting options icons Apply bold, italic, underline
 formatting options icons Cut, copy, paste – paste opens Paste Options dialog
formatting options icons
Open Text Block Search (Internet Explorer only)
formatting options icons
Undo, redo
formatting options icons
Show/hide table borders (Internet Explorer only)
formatting icons
Show/hide HTML tag indicators (administrators only)
formatting icons
Remove formatting
formatting icons Align left, center, right
formatting icons Create numeric or symbolic bulleted list
formatting icons When cursor is in a list, opens List Properties dialog
formatting icons Increase or decrease indent
formatting icons Creates tables
formatting icons Opens Image Properties dialog to insert or edit image
formatting icons Opens Insert Link dialog to create or edit a hyperlink
formatting icons Opens Insert Field dialog
(This button is useful when redesigning a form layout)
formatting icons Opens Horizontal Rule Properties dialog
symbol Opens Insert Special Character dialog
anchor Opens Insert Bookmark dialog