How do I remove toolbars?

Toolbars are popular addons for many browsers. Unfortunately, they often have an additional layer of popup blocker protection, which can interfere with CMS editing.  Study the picture below.  If you have the Google (or Yahoo) toolbar installed, it will appear as an extra bar in your browser, similar (but not always exactly) to the one shown.  If your popup blocker icon indicates that you have been blocking popups, click on the icon to allow popups for the site that you are currently visiting (cmsauthor.skidmore.edu, for example).  Some users have had to disable or uninstall the Google/Yahoo toolbar in order to properly edit CMS pages, while other users find that turning off the popup blocker feature is enough to allow them to use the toolbar without interfering with anything else.

Google toolbar

You can disable these toolbars yourself by right-clicking in any open area of the toolbar and unchecking the toolbar from the list of options.  This does not uninstall the toolbar, it only disables it from running in your browser.  You should then be able to use CMS functions as normal.


If you continue to have issues with toolbar addons to your web browser, the Help Desk can assist you in uninstalling software.