Add a Video Popup Image

Click to view the video.


Add a Custom Script Element to the page

  • Click the Click Here to insert new element link on the page where you want to add the Portfolio Slider Widget.
  • Select Miscellaneous Elements from the list of categories when the Element Gallery window appears.
  • Choose Custom Script from the list of items under Miscellaneous Elements.
  • The page will refresh to include the link, Click here to define the Custom Script element.
Customize the Custom Script Element
  • Click the Click here to define the Custom Script element link to open the Custom Script Element Window.
  • Make sure the Properties tab is selected at the top of the window.
  • Copy /www/customcf/video/videopopup.cfm into the textbox under the Explicit Module header.
  • Click the Parameters tab at the top of the Custom Script Element window to tell the plugin which portfolio to display and other optional variables.
  • Enter the variables listed below to customize your feed in the large textbox in the Parameters tab.

    Required Variables

    • videoLink=[url] The web address for the YouTube page. This must be the full YouTube URL and not the shortened link.

    Optional Variables
    • imagePath=[url] The web address of an alternate image. You should have an image in your site you wish to link to, not an external image on a site outside Skidmore.
    • altText=[string] Text that describes the image when the mouse moves over it and is put in place of the image if it doesn't load or images are turned off. Default text is "Click to view the video."
    • float=[right|left] Pushes the image to the left or right of the page with the text wrapped around the other side. Do not include float if you wish the video to appear on it's own line. Float is turned off by default.
    • marginTop=[number] Spacing added above the image.Default is 0.
    • marginRight=[number] Spacing added to the right of the image. Default is 0.
    • marginBottom=[number]Spacing added at the bottom of the image. Default is 0.
    • marginLeft=[number] Spacing added to the left the image. Default is 0.

  • Once your settings are made, click Finish.
  • Publish your changes.