History Colloquium Projects

SPRING 2001: Hi 375A Legacies of the American Revolution

1. David Albright."Loyalism and the Lost Cause: A Comparison of Loyalist and Confederate Reactions To Defeat Following the American Revolution and The Civil War"

2. Nicholas Cavaliere. "A Singular Presence: George Washington, America's Only Classical Hero"

3. Frank J. Coyle. "'Lo! I Uncover the Land,' Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Culture of Democracy"

4. Lindsay Florek. "The Ambiguous Nature of Land Policies, Slavery, and Popular Sovereignty That Led to 'Bleeding Kansas'"

5. Matthew Hancock. "Una Storia Segreta," The Fate of Italo-Americans During World War II & American Freedom"

6. Kenneth Hardy. "Divided We Stand, An Analysis of the Founding Fathers' Thoughts and Actions in Regards to Political Parties"

7. Catherine Herbin. "Bringing Back The Melting Pot: The Johnson-Reed Act of 1924"

8. John K. Kuehnle. "Restoring America's National Identity: Historic Preservation and the Schuyler Mansion"

9. Dylan Mroszczyk-McDonald. "The Golden Age of Troy: The Leacy of Troy, New York--All American City"

10. Dustin Reidy. "Keeping The Dogs Of War On A Leash: A Brief History of Colonial Political Thought on Militias and Standing Armies From 1632-1787"

11. Juan E. Rodriguez. "Red, White, and Black: Analysis on the Further Development of a Black American Nationalism After Emancipation"

12. Justin C. Weber. "George Washington, the American Cincinnatus"

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