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History Colloquium Projects

FALL 2003: HI 375A American History

1. Nick Adornetto, The Blueprint for the Post-War World: The Transformation of US Foreign Policy in the Post-WWII Era"

2. Alexander Sandy Albert, "Labor in the Twenties, The Consequences of Welfare Capitalism"

3. Heather Marie Drabek, "The Federalist Response to the Louisiana Purchase"

4. David Omahen, "The Postwar Debate: Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor"

5. Joseph A. Seggio, "A Study of Natural History Museum and their directors in America from 1800-1900"

SPRING 2003: HI 375D Revolutions

1. Evelyn Brensinger, "Stalin's Anti-Semitic Policies: An Examination of the Evolution of the Treatment of Jews in Stalin's Soviet Union"

2. Katie Campbell, "Masturbation: A Social Construction of a Sexual Act during the English Industrial Revolution"

3. Jacqueline Cone, "Radicalism in the English Revolution: The Levellers"

4. Eric Fackler, "The Corruption of a Revolution: The Degradation of the Ideals that Lead to the Jacobin Terror"

5. Evan R. Goldstein, "The Forerunners: In Search of Zionism's Ideological Origins"

6. Micah Greenbaum, "Red July: The Bolsheviks and Control of the July Insurrection"

7. Eric Hanson, "Great Powers and Greater Expectations: Western Europe and the Balkan States, 1804-1913"

8. Michelle Kurnik, "Bread, Politics, and the Triumph of Domesticity: Women in the French Revolution, 1789-1795"

9. Lucas Murray, "The Course of Irish Nationalism during World War I"

10. Annemarie Padula, "Thoughts on the United States Constitution"

11. Matthew D. Sweet, "Robspierre: Tyrant or Scapegoat"