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History Colloquium Projects

SPRING 2004 HI 375D Modern European History

1. Nick Adornetto, "The So cio-Psychological Interpretation of the First World War: A Framework for Analysis or A Reflection of Contemporary Values?"

2. Oliver Eaton, "Keeping Secrets, Saving Justice: A Prologue to the Nuremberg Trial"

3. Insley Julier, "British Women as Intellectuals and Connoisseurs: Emergent Trends among 18th Century Grand Tourists"

4. Jesse Haladay "Incompetence & Massacre: The First Afghan War"

5. Darya Isham "The Changing Tide of Britain's Spies and the Waves it has Made"

6. Lauren Masterson "Balancing Feminism with Femininity: Nineteenth-Century British Feminists' Struggle to Reconcile Women's Rights with the Domestic Construction of Gender"

7. Torrey Levin-Russell "THE BAUHAUS: Ideas and Politics"

8. Ben Samuels "A Historiography: The True Motivations Behind the Construction of the Imperial German Navy"