History Colloquium Projects

FALL 2005 HI 375R Colloquium in History

1. Brett Kilbury - "The Communist Target: Reagan's Feckless Diplomacy with the Sandinistas"

2. Tara DiDomenico - "Finding the Origin of Homophobia in Western Culture: Transformations of Late Antiquity, 1st - 6th Centuries CE"

3. Lucy Ehrenkranz - "Civil Rights Activism: 1948-1968

4. Greg Harnett - "The Death of the Arena: Martydom and the Decline of Spectacle Entertainment in Ancient Rome"

5. Colleen Sinnott - "Similarities in the Reigns of a Saint and a Heretic: Mary and Elizabeth Tudor"

SPRING 2005 HI 375R Colloquium in History

1. Natalie Blum-Ross "Redefining the Radical Intellectual: The First Decade of Dissent, 1954-1961"

2. Emily Haas-Godsil - "The Discontents of the 'Happy Warrior': Al Smith's Tumultuous Battle with Franklin Roosevelt, 1928-1936"

3. Katherine Martinelli - "Enlightening the Minds and Improving the Morals: "The Debates over Government-Funded Education in British India, 1813-1835"

4. Lindsay Tarnoff - "Food of the Gods or Cash Crop: The Morality of Chocolate Production and Consumption in Colonial Spanish America 1600-1800"

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