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History Colloquium Projects

FALL 2006 HI 375

1) Zak Anolic -"Hidden by the Holocaust, Immigration Policies take their toll"

2) W. Travis Cabral - "Self-Censorship and the Limits of Free Speech: Reactions to the Jyllands-Posten Muhmad Cartoons"

3) Abby Cohen - "Hatred, Contemps, Fear, and Sorrow: French Resistance through Cinema:

4) Jessye Joyce - "Torn Between Religion and Revolution: An Examination of Camilo Torres' Contribution to Latin American Liberation Theology"

5) Evan Samuels - "Partitioning the Middle East: British Policy and False Hopes for an Independent Syria, 1914-1920"

6) Jason Shemenski - "The Collapse of a Republic: A Historical Analysis of the Fall of Yogoslavia"

7) Matt Ward - "Asylum Abandoned: British Immigration Policy and the Refugee Response, 1933-1939"

SPRING 2006 HI 375D

1)Andrew Bernstein - "Penicillin and the Myth of Alexander Fleming"

2) Jeffrey Feild - "Justice Re-Imagined: Shifting Conceptions of International War Crimes Tribunals"

3) Daniel B. Feintuck - "Terrifying Neglect: The Story of the Sinti and Roma during the Holocaust"

4) Joanna Humphrey - "The Grimm Brothers and their Tales: The Foundations for a Unified Germany"

5) Joshua Hutchinson - "The French Enlightenment and China: Voltaire, Montesquieu and their Conception of China"

6) Fatimah Mahdi - "Thomas Skidmore: An American Missing Link"

7) Eban Miller - "The Third Crusade from 1189-1192"

8) Karden Rabin - "Richard the Lionhart, Gay?"

9) Kyle Williams - "Ambiguous History"

HI 375E

1) Forrest Anderson - "Flying the Unfriendly Skies: Post-War Allied Agreements and German Aviation's Revival Despite Them"

2) Patrick Casey - "Rebirth of a Myth: Serbian Death and Resurrection in Post-Tito Yugoslavia"

3) Kaelyn Doodley - "1945:Year Zero: Germany's Liberation and Defeat Under Allied Occupation"

4) Oscar Everts - "The SPD State within a State: The Failure of the Party and the Trade Union Movement to Bridge the Social Divides of the Weimar Republic"

5) Katherine Hallaran

6) Amanda Ingram - "Understanding the "Aubrac Affairs:" The Role of the Historian, the Resistant and the Media in the Representation of the French Resistance

7) Bari Kessler - "Occupied Women: Rape, Prostitution and the Reconstruction of Gender in Postwar Germany"

8) Micahel Milazzo - "The Temporary Emergency Relief Administration 1931-1937: New York State's Attempt At Welfare Relief"

9) Nicholas Roose - "Barnburners, Hunkers, and Free Soil: New York Politics of Antislavery, 1840-1848